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About Us
Royal Friction Products Corporation is an independent private Canadian corporation, established in 2012, with it's sales headquarter located in Vancouver, Canada. It is the registered owner of two Canadian trade marks, Royal Brakes Canada, and Royal Premium Brakes.
Our products are manufactured following the North American technology standards and regulations, mainly by affiliated companies and partners worldwide, and in Canada, and Mexico.
The staff and personnel at our production facilities utilize decades of experience in the fields of engineering, design, production, marketing and after sales services to provide and offer a premium family of quality brake products, for all makes and models of passenger and commercial vehicles, in the auto market worldwide.
At Royal Friction Products Corporation, we continuously strive to gain the satisfaction of our customers from around the world.
Royal Friction Products Corporation
Goal & Mission Statement
Royal Friction Products Corporation is committed to utilize the newest innovations in the field of friction material to develop and improve its products. Our goal is to present the best choice of brake pads, brake shoes, and disc brake rotors to our customers, worldwide. Not only we use the most recent know how in our field, we try to tailor and provide the specific needs of every customer, preparing the right choice of brake products.
Royal Premium Brakes provided by Royal Friction Products Corporation