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To become successful in the area of distributing brake products in your market the following requirements are necessary :
1) General understanding of brake systems in cars and trucks.
2) Basic knowledge of available makes and models of cars and trucks in your market.
3) Experience in the field of auto parts, preferably in areas such as installation, repair, sales and distribution of auto parts.
4) Sufficient financial ability and resources to purchase, store, and present (sell) a trial quantity of most popular brake product items in your market.
5) Knowledge and access to distribution chains/channels in your market.
6) The ability to advertise and market your product/inventory, through different means and methods, especially by online marketing and advertising (website).
Brake Products Manufacturing and Distribution
If you are applying for distribution of Royal brakes of Canada, please make sure you let us know a brief history of your business activities, capabilities, resources and experience in the field of auto part industry. This will help us to have a better understanding of your business, capabilities, expectations and requirements, thus enabling us to support you more effectively.
To apply for distributorship, you can contact us through the Contact Us section.   Click here
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