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Quality Control Assurance
Why choose Royal Brakes of Canada?
1) Royal Brakes of Canada are made in production facilities which are all ISO/TS16949 certified.
2) Royal Brakes of Canada pass all tests and regulations set forth by North American safety standards of FMVSS 105, 121, 135 and also the European ECE-R90.
3) Royal Brakes of Canada are made from high quality raw materials which are 100% asbestos free, and have no health hazards.
4) Royal Brakes of Canada are made following the most recent know how and engineering features in the friction industry. Main features are as follows:
A. Premium quality raw material
B. Positive molding technology
C. Anti-rattle and vibration shims
D. OEM slots and chamfers
E. Skilled labor and workmanship
F. Full warranty against all workmanship and material defects
What are FMVSS 135, 105 standards?
These Standards specify requirements for vehicles equipped with hydraulic and electric service brakes and parking brake systems to ensure safe braking performance under normal conditions and emergency conditions. Manufacturers of passenger cars and multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks and buses with a gross vehicle weight rating less than or equal to 3500 kg (7,716 lbs.) may certify compliance with FMVSS 135 and 105 standard.
What is FMVSS 121 standard?
This Standard applies to trucks, buses and trailers equipped with air brake systems. It establishes performance and equipment requirements for braking systems on vehicles equipped with air brake systems, including separately controlled parking brakes of prescribed holding capability, automatic brake adjusters and adjustment indicators, and emergency brakes which activate automatically in the event of loss of air pressure.
What is E-MARK or ECE R90 regulation?
Regulation 90 (ECE R90) is the European standard for replacement brake pads and linings covering three key areas of performance, production conformance, marking and packaging. ECE R90 also sets minimum levels for product strength and demands routine measurement of key performance parameters during production to ensure conformity with original testing. Pads must be properly packaged in sealed, tamper-proof boxes, bearing a label displaying application, approval number and an illustration of the contents. A full set of fitting instructions must be enclosed. The pad must bear the corresponding "E" mark approval number on the backing plate. This unique code contains information about the country of approval (E11 being the UK), certification issue number, friction material and brake pad type, providing complete traceability.
What is ISO/TS 16949 certificate?
ISO/TS 16949 certificate applies to the design, development, and manufacturing of automotive related products, such as brake pads. This certificate is only granted to the manufacturers of such parts, not the distributors, packaging companies, or other professions involved in the auto industry.
Laboratory Testing and Manufacturing
Warranty Terms and Conditions
Royal Brakes of Canada ® are warranted against all workmanship and material defects, for duration of one year following the date of original purchase. The products are quiet, clean and perform excellent, if installed on cars with proper quality components in the brake system.
Up to one year after the purchase of the product, and before you start to use the product, inspect it fully to make sure it is free from any crack, chipped edge, damaged section, broken part, or bended part. If you find any such problem with the purchased product, return it immediately to the seller for a free replacement. The receipt of purchase will be required to receive a new similar product.
The warranty does not cover any damages caused to the product because of mishandling, misuse, improper installation, failure and malfunction of other components in the brake system, nor use of the product for racing. The Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the product after it is installed.
One Year Warranty on all products
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