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Metallic Brake Pads
Royal Premium passenger car brake pads are manufactured in both ceramic and metallic formulas
● Formulated from high quality materials to provide superior overall performance
● Equipped with high quality shims to abate noise and vibration
● O.E. matching slots and chamfers for best heat transfer property and smooth braking action
● Long life, low dust, quiet, and great stopping power
● One year warranty against all workmanship and material defects
Our brake pads are engineered and manufactured following the most stringent OEM standards. Brake pads are chamfered and slotted when specified by FMSI. They have multi-layer shims, mechanical retention plates and wire wear sensors when specified. Backing plates are powder coated. Products are edge coated and stamped, shrink wrapped and packaged according to the customer specification.
Semi-Metallic brake pads typically are compounds containing iron, copper, steel fiber as the name implies. The reason that these pads are so common is simple — semi-metallic brake pads are cost-effective and durable. They provide good performance and are good at transferring the heat generated by friction with the brake rotors. Being made of metal makes the pads very hard. That’s what makes them durable. Finally, semi-metallic brake pads have the greatest stopping power, making them the best choice for medium to heavy weighted vehicles.
Ceramic brakes generally use ceramic compounds and copper fibers in place of the semi-metallic pad’s steel fibers and thus accommodate higher temperatures with less heat fade. They generate less dust and wear on both the pads and rotors. They also provide much quieter operation due to the ceramic compound that helps dampen noise by shifting its resonant frequency beyond the human hearing range and reduced metal use (approximately 15% metal content by weight).
Positive Mold Technology :
Positive Mold is the core technology in our brake pads. The same manufacturing process is used by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Positive Mold provides uniform heat and pressure directly onto the friction material compared to other methods of molding, resulting in a stronger pad with higher density and less resin for quieter, high reliable braking performance. The less resin content results in less fade. We deliver brake pads with longer wear life, less dusting and higher stopping performance and safety.