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Commercial Brake Pads Ceramic
Designed and made using the newest industry know how to provide best overall performance for use in every weather condition
● Formulated from premium semi-metallic / ceramic material mixture, matching the OE specifications (100% non-asbestos)
● Great temperature stability and fade resistance under aggressive driving conditions
● Slotted and chamfered to create best heat transfer property and quiet braking action
● High quality Carbon steel and/or cast iron backing plates with/without steel mesh for excellent bonding with the friction material (ultra-tensile and shear strength)
● One year warranty against all workmanship and material defects
The material compound used in the production of the brake pad for the commercial vehicles (buses, trucks, trailers) must deliver the best possible combination of performance, comfort and ultimate drivability. This will insure a consistent braking performance under all temperatures and conditions.
Brake Pad Technology :
Positive Mold is the core technology in our brake pads. The same manufacturing process is used by Original Equipment Manufacturers. Positive Mold provides uniform heat and pressure directly onto the friction material compared to other methods of molding, resulting in a stronger pad with higher density and less resin for quieter, high reliable braking performance. The less resin content results in less fade. We deliver brake pads with longer wear life, less dusting and higher stopping performance and safety.